Sport air filter BMW 1 (E81, E82, E87, E88) 116 I BMC Filter

BMC Filter

  • Linear increase of power and torque
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Made in Italy


We recommend the purchase of a sport air filter BMW 1 (E81, E82, E87, E88) 116 I BMC Filter because through it the air from outside gets inside the engine. The sport air filter is one of the important components of a car. Absolutely all cars regardless of age or brand have an air filter. Its purpose is to clean the air before it enters the engine. Once cleaned the air can enter in the intake manifold of your car without any problems. If you want extra power for your car we recommend replacing the OEM filter with a sport air filter BMW 1 (E81, E82, E87, E88) 116 I BMC Filter.

Normally air filters are made from cardboard, textile fibre or even sponge. Regardless of the material it is made of, its purpose is to keep dirt and dust particles out of the engine. The dust filtering system is therefore extremely efficient and will not allow particles larger than a few microns to penetrate its membrane. OEM air filters are usually made of a slightly more porous, cardboard-like material. It is worth mentioning that the outer surface of air filters is slightly oily.

# Sport air filter BMW 1 (E81, E82, E87, E88) 116 I BMC Filter

From a technical point of view, it is best for an engine not to have an air filter attached. This eliminates the restrictions imposed by the filter and the air flow into the engine is much higher. It’s as if the air intake is obstructed by something. This is the comparison between using an air filter or not. Dust particles, dirt and impurities once enter in the engine compartment will cause damage. In the first phase, the pistons will be affected and wear out prematurely. Later, the car’s exhaust system will be damaged and the catalytic converter may clog. Thus the removal of the air filter (a product with a very low purchase cost) can cause serious damage to your car if it is not used/mounted properly.

Among the most important benefits of BMC Filter products we can list:
100% compatibility with your car
– constant power/torque increase over the whole acceleration range
– BMC Filter guaranteed premium quality

*price does not includes shipping for sport air filter BMW 1 (E81, E82, E87, E88) 116 I BMC Filter from Italy. For an exact price quote please contact your Project 85 Automotive sales representative. We also recommend that you request a quotation for the installation of the BMC Filter products you intend to purchase. In case you did not find the product compatible with your car please contact us. As authorized BMC Filter importers in Europe we benefit from the full range of BMC Filter products, respectively dedicated premium support from the manufacturer.
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Technical specifications

Model FB445/08-BMW-1-(E81,-E82,-E87,-E88)-116-i
Compatibility Bmw
Warranty 24 months general warranty