Alloy wheel 17 301M HRE


  • Available in wide range of colors
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made in USA – San Diego (California)


Alloy wheel 17 301M HRE is the result of new technology launched by HRE. All rims produced by HRE benefit from this modern technology. It is worth noting that the rims are handmade in the factory in San Diego California – USA. This collection of rims is created through a unique rim moulding process that focuses mainly on the outside of the rim. This process highlights the size of the rim and is also the signature of all rim models produced by HRE. The rim collection has been specially designed to maximize the excellent properties of these rims on several vehicles. The sporty effect achieved in the end was only obtained thanks to these new technologies developed by HRE.

Rim with a modern yet extremely attractive shape. This allows it to be fitted to a wide range of cars. As mentioned above it is the result of the latest automotive technology developed by HRE. These new technologies have allowed them to improve the technical performance of many modern high performance vehicles. The optical effect has not been ignored in these new wheel models either. This collection of forged wheels is produced using the latest and most modern technological processes. These represent a superior process of casting a denser than normal alloy into a car rim mould. The latter will form with very few impurities, i.e. air bubbles. The final result will be a much stronger and more durable than wheels made from low pressure die-cast aluminium.
*for any other complementary carbon fiber accessories, namely aerodynamic tuning elements, please contact the Project 85 Automotive Sales Agent. These can be interior elements, outdoor elements, body elements, aerodynamics, alloy wheels, chiptuning, etc.

#Alloy wheel 17 301M HRE

Among the most important benefits of the HRE products we can list:
100% compatibility with the new models of sports cars
• Increase the look of your car
• Hand made finish San Diego/California – USA

*price does not includes shipping for alloy wheel 17 301M HRE from USA. For an exact price quote please contact your Project 85 Automotive sales representative. We also recommend that you request a quotation for the installation of the HRE products you intend to purchase. In case you did not find the product compatible with your car please contact us. As authorized HRE importers in Europe we benefit from the full range of HRE, respectively dedicated premium support from the manufacturer. HRE alloy/forged rims are available in several sizes. Size differs depending on the specifications of your car. Before placing an order for any wheel, we suggest you check the ET/tightening system of your car.
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Technical specifications

Model 301M
BREMBO compatibility Yes
Composition Forged aluminium (6061-T6 aero-spatial grade)
for a perfect resistance/weight ratio
Special processing Custom wheels orders are
done with a CNC machine, according
to your specifications
Warranty 24 months general warranty
Lifetime warranty for structural integrity