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Collection and use of your data

85 Studio Design Eood, referred to as the Project 85 Automotive trademark, as the author, owner and administrator of the www.project85.ro website, respects the privacy and security of the information provided by you during the use of this website, including personal data, for which purpose this Privacy Policy has been created and applied.

By accessing the website www.project85.ro you submit to the terms and conditions of use and privacy policy, this implies your explicit acceptance of them and represents the entire agreement (contract) between the parties.

Project 85 Automotive reserves the right to change and update the content of the www.project85.ro website, as well as this Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions of Use at any time without prior notice. We therefore advise you to visit this section periodically each time you access our website in order to check for any changes to the Terms and Conditions that you have agreed to abide by.
The Terms and Conditions presented are valid and apply to the www.project85.ro website, Project 85 Automotive being the author/owner/administrator.

Because we want the users of this website to be informed at all times, in the following lines we will explain in detail what data we collect, how we use it, for what purpose we use it and what the users’ rights are in this context.
The purpose of Project 85 Automotive is an advertising one, if we refer to social media, and the new personal data protection rules (GDPR) are part of this context. So Project 85 Automotive promises to treat the security of your data and its use as a priority for one purpose only and that is to provide you with a personalized experience both on our website and on the online platforms where we promote our products (Facebook, Google, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest).

How the data is used
Your data is only used if you have given your consent to do so, in different ways and depending on the natural or.You can find below details of all the types of data we collect and their subsequent use:

Email address
If you have provided us with your email address, we will use it to send you emails informing you about our products and the articles and resources we regularly publish on this site;

First and last name
If you have provided us with your first and last name, we use this data for the purpose of personalising emails sent to you. We will also use this data for billing purposes for products ordered on the site, if applicable.

Phone number
If you have provided us with your phone number, we will use this information to contact you quickly to confirm your order and other information necessary for the delivery of the products.

Company name
If you have provided us with the name of the company you work for or manage, we use this information to bill you for the products you have ordered.

Invoicing data
If you have provided us with your invoicing data (CNP, CUI, registration number at the Trade Register, address of the company’s registered office, bank account, bank name, name of the legal representative, position of the legal representative), we use this data for issuing invoices.

Browser/IP/device data
If you have agreed to us collecting details about your browser, IP, device, we use this data to identify how you use our website in order to continuously improve our website so that your experience is the best and most intuitive. Conclusion
So we have taken the necessary steps so that you are not obliged to provide us with any data (it is all optional), but we also inform you that without it it is possible that certain parts of the website may not function properly, we may not be able to collaborate, or we may not be able to notify you about services in our portfolio that you may be interested in.

Data sharing
Personal data provided by you through our website will never be sold to third parties. We offer services that are based on the trust of customers and potential customers, and the security of personal data is essential in this process.
The only entities that have access to the data of the users of this site are: agencies or suppliers with whom we collaborate on the basis of contracts containing confidentiality clauses, without which we would not be able to carry out our activity, and in exceptional cases public institutions that apply the law in Romania, only on the basis of official requests. The only data about the users of this site, to which third parties have access, is aggregated and anonymised – on the basis of which users cannot be identified.

Our marketing messages
Only if we have your consent, we will send you, by email, marketing messages with the purpose of keeping you informed about our promotions, newly launched collections and articles published on our website.

Unsubscribe from newsletter
At any time you have the option to unsubscribe from the newsletter using one of the methods below:
– click on the unsubscribe link in any newsletter you have already received from us;
– sending an email to us (at office@project85.ro), requesting to unsubscribe
Whichever option you choose, we will make sure that you will not receive any more advertising messages from us via e-mail. All requests sent in this regard will be treated with priority and resolved within 48 hours of receipt.

Targeting users through online advertising
Our advertising campaigns aim to inform you about the products offered and/or the articles published on this website.
For this purpose we use the following advertising networks – Facebook, Instagram, as well as several techniques to target users within the campaigns – based on demographics (gender, age, geographic distribution, proximity), or interests – this information being made available to us by the networks mentioned above.

Your rights
1. The right to be informed about how your data is collected and used;
2. The right to access the data we hold about you;
3. The right to request rectification of the data we hold about you;
4. The right to request deletion of data we hold about you;
5. The right to request that we stop sending marketing messages to you;
6. The right to request that your personal data be sent to you or to another controller;
7. The right to lodge a complaint, with reference to the use of your data, with the competent authorities.

The rights listed above are not absolute and there are certain exceptions. For any further information on this matter, you can always contact us at office@project85.ro

Use of cookies
This website uses cookies policy. For additional information on cookies, you can visit the cookies page, where you will find the necessary details.

How you can contact us If you need any further information about the products we sell, or how we collect and use your personal data, you can always email us at office@project85.ro.