Sport intake MK8 Golf GTi Seat Cupra 245 carbon fiber EVENTURI


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  • Made in UK


Sport intake MK8 Golf GTi Seat Cupra 245 carbon fiber EVENTURI state-of-the-art technology.  This ensures the most efficient and direct direction of the air flow directly to turbo/engine. By replacing the OEM intake system with the sport intake system, you will ensure an important increase in engine power. This will introduce a larger air flow but also much more cold compared to that introduced by the OEM system. The final result will be an optimized intake system that will consistently ensure notable performance gains. The box in which the air filter is located has a cuboid form that gives rise to turbulence and increases the turbine lag. The transition from the standard air filter (OEM) to the round input of the turbine will give rise to inefficient in the intake route of your car. These ineffective will be solved with the inlet system change with an EVENTURI sport intake sysyem.

The EVENTURI air filter housing contains an airflow filter. The carbon fiber support covers the opposite mounted filter. It forms a continuous airflow to the turbine intake tube. Sport air filters help airflow move through the casing and also allow a uniform speed profile. This leads to a better response of acceleration and at a significant increase in the power of your engine.

EVENTURI sport intake will replace the standard OEM car intake. This will block the heat release from the engine compartment to ensure a lower air temperature in the intake system. The last part of the intake system is the aluminum that is behind the grille. This directs the air from the outside of the car inside the channel. As the car will accelerate, the air will enter with greater intake power. This will almost completely remove the hot air produced by the engine because it will not have to pull the air only in front of the car. One last benefit is that the total length of the intake system will be reduced.

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#Sport intake MK8 Golf GTi Seat Cupra 245 carbon fiber EVENTURI

Among the most important benefits of the EVENTURI products we can list:
100% compatibility with the new models of sports cars
• Increase the power of the car
• Made in UK

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SEAT, Volkswagen

Technical specifications

Compatibility VW | SEAT
Composition Carbon fiber
Additional information High performance air filter (II-nd generation)
Aluminium case designed for optimal airflow
Perfect shape as a result of laser cutting with cold air inflow
Laser cut, stainelss steel base
Warranty 24 months general warranty